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Bravo! to the CBCA 2020 Shortlist

Eve Pownall Award

2020 - CBCA-Shortlist-Eve-Pownall.jpg

We've been busy here at the CBCA dreaming up ways to celebrate our 2020 Shortlist and say Bravo!!! to our wonderful Shortlisted creators.

Over the coming months we will be showcasing some behind the scenes content from our creators so you can get to know them and their books even better. 

Please feel free to share this content widely and remember to tag us at #cbcashortlist2020

2020 - Bravo - NE - The Illustrated Ency
2020 - Bravo - Searching for Cicadas.PNG
2020 - Bravo - NE - Yahoo Creek.png
2020 - Bravo - A Hollow is a Home.PNG
2020 - Bravo - Young Dark Emu.PNG
2020 - Bravo - Hollow is a Home.PNG
2020 - Bravo - NE - Wilam A Birrarung St
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