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Teacher & Librarian PD Evening Reflection and Feedback Form

Thank you for tuning in to our online PD Event.

We have put together some questions to assist you to reflect on these presentations and to give you the opportunity to provide feedback.

Complete this form to go in the running to win a bundle of

Emily and Anna's books thanks to Allen & Unwin.

Emily Rodda:

In the 'Monty’s Island' series of books the illustrator Lucinda Gifford, has created unique characters, with the distinct personalities developed by Emily. Why did the writer choose not to identify in the text what type of curious creature they are directly to the reader?


How will you incorporate, into your teaching of writing, the creative process described by Emily with regard to developing a fully fleshed out character?

Anna Fienberg:


Anna describes a question posed by Andrew Denton in an interview; “What is an idea?” How does this question inform her creative process? 


Anna discusses a moment in her trip to Vietnam with Kim Gamble, around traditional tales and dragons. How does Anna flip the traditional tale to create her story? How can you utilise this technique in your classroom teaching? 

Wendy Bannister:


In exploring the CBCA Book Week theme, Curious Creatures Wild Minds, with your students, you could investigate the Shortlisted Picture Books in a similar manner. What would they discover?

General Feedback:

Rate our overall presentation of event
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Can you provide feedback on this format of presentation? What adjustments would you recommend, if any?

Do you have any general comments you would like to make?

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