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Welcome to Story Scoop! - teachers, librarians, kids and adults who love books for kids and are curious about their creators and characters. Each month authors and illustrators will give a sneak peek into their inspiration, creative choices, artwork and the story behind their stories. Invite your friends and colleagues along and we will mix it up each month with three segments including; Illustrators Corner, Picture Book Nook, Junior Fiction Gems, Middle Grade Magic and Sneak Peek.


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Enjoy our April Story Scoop.... coming soon  

12.00 midday April 1, 2021

Featuring Katrin Dreiling, Susanne Gervay and Jenni Goodman

Click on each tile to meet our April Presenters

Enjoy our March 2021 Story Scoop

Featuring Kaye Baille & Fiona Burrows, Trace Balla and Dee White

Click on each tile to meet our March Presenters

Enjoy our January Story Scoop

Elizabeth Mary Cummings, Cate Whittle and Benjamin Johnston

Click on each tile to meet our January Presenters

2020 SS - 12 - Elizabeth Cummings.JPG
2020 SS - 12 - Cate Whittle.JPG
2020 SS - 12 - Benjamin Johnston.JPG

Enjoy our February 2021 Story Scoop

Featuring Amelia McInerney, Aura Parker and Nathan Luff

Click on each tile to meet our February Presenters

2021 SS - 1 - Amelia McInerney
2021 SS - 1 - Aura Parker.JPG
2021 SS - 1 - Nathan Luff

Enjoy our December Story Scoop

Serena Geddes, Oliver Phommavanh and Sophie Masson

Click on each tile to meet our December Presenters

Enjoy our November Story Scoop

Sue Whiting, Lian Tanner and Aleesah Darlison

Click on each tile to meet our November Presenters

2020 SS - 11 - MT Sue Whiting.JPG
2020 SS - 11 - MT Lian Tanner.JPG
2020 SS - 11 - MT Aleesah Darlison.JPG

Enjoy our September Story Scoop

with Nat Amoore, Candice Lemon-Scott and Liz Anelli

Click on each tile to meet our September Presenters

2020 SS - 09 - Nat Amoore - Middle_Grade
2020 SS - 09 Candice - Junior_Fiction_Ge
2020 SS - 09 - Liz.JPG

Enjoy our October Story Scoop

Sue Lawson & Aunty Fay Muir, Renee Treml and Carly Taylor

Click on each tile to meet our October Presenters

2020 SS - 10 - MT Renee Treml.JPG
2020 SS - 10 - MT Sue Lawson and Aunty F
2020 SS - 10 - MT Carly Taylor.JPG

Enjoy our August Story Scoop

with Deborah Abela and Marjorie Crosby-Fairall,

Katrina McKelvey and Victoria Mackinlay

Click on each tile to meet our August Presenters

2020 SS - 08 - Katrina.JPG
2020 SS - 09 - Deb and Marjorie.JPG
2020 SS - 09 - Victoria.JPG


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