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Eastern Suburbs

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change of date to 30 August 6.30pm

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Wonder at the universe.

Swim through oceans.

Encounter lions. Venture into space.

Delve into fairy tales. Travel back in time.

Face danger head-on.

Dip your toe, or dive headfirst into
Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds
to explore creations from CBCA NSW Branch authors and illustrators:


Nat Amoore - Kristian Aus - Dianne Bates
Patricia Bernard - Sonia Bestulic - Jenny Blackford
Wendy Blaxland - Liz Bowring - Jill Carter-Hansen - Sare Christensen - Kathy Creamer - Marjorie Crosby-Fairall - Elizabeth Mary Cummings - Sarah Cummings - Kristin Darell - Ramona Davey - Sarah Davis - Ursula Dubosarsky - Mick Elliott -
Alison Evernden - Jules Faber - Wendy Fitzgerald - Kate Forsyth - Susanne Gervay - Lesley Gibbes - Amy Golbach - Margaret Hamilton - Maxine ‘Max’ Hamilton - Tim Harris - Jacqueline Harvey - Libby Hathorn - Lisa Hathorn-Jarman - Christina and Jessica Huynh - Cate James - Mo Johnson - Anne Kelly - Sadami Konchi - Ashling Kwok - Julie Paine - Jan Latta - Liz Ledden -
Dub Leffler - Amanda Lieber - Fiona Lloyd - Nathan Luff - Victoria Mackinlay - Sophie Masson - Marian McGuinness - Amelia McInerney - Alexa Moses - Sue Murray - Belinda Murrell - One More Page - Louise Park - Aura Parker - Gemma Patience - Mel Pearce - Oliver Phommavanh - Felicity Pulman - Bethany Rule - Kirli Saunders - Jean Saxby - Jasmine Seymour - Matthew Shallvey - Pat Simmons - Kate Simpson - Paula Stevenson 
Debra Tidball - Robert Vescio - Jodie Wells-Slowgrove - Sue Whiting - Brydie Wright.

Past events

April 21, 2021 Event


Our second meeting of 2021 was held at Woollahra Library in Double Bay.


After our meeting we held our Speakers’ event. The event has exceeded our expectations with almost 20 people attending as well as local librarian Erin, sporting her Sorting Hat earrings!


Erin spoke first giving us a run down of library life during and post lockdown and what she saw as key factors in developing a love of reading. Like CBCA, membership is important for libraries and COVID’s silver lining for Woollahra library was a surge in membership following the ease of social distancing restrictions. Then Speech Pathologist and local member Sonica Bestulic spoke about ‘Flourish for Mums’ and its intention to bring inner peace and inspiration to mums. She gave a fascinating insight into the use of language and thus children's books to help develop children's spoken skills as well as their reading. 


Next, Liz Ledden of One More Podcast fame spoke about her new book; ‘Walking Your Human’. Hearing how her illustrator was UK based and had worked on the illustrations during Lockdown when her baby was only 8 weeks old drew heart-felt signs of empathy from the audience and when Liz showed us a certain character from the book who sported a green coat, matching hat and was being walked by her Corgi we all had a pretty good inkling who it might be; certainly a few nods to the illustrator’s British heritage!


Finally, our key-note and impressive Susanne Gervey with what has been touted as ‘her best yet’: ‘Heroes of the Secret Underground’. I find the hairs on the back of my neck rising even writing the title as I am part way through this compelling fusion of reality, the horror of war, children’s imagination and a writer’s heart and I am completely hooked! Having already heard Susanne speak about this title, I found I was yet again being bewitched and intrigued with the rich narrative she gave, the emotion never too far away in her voice. This tale is one that not only entertains but has a tremendous call to action for those who will listen. As Susanne herself said, ‘Children are the future, they are the hope and they have the power; they just need to see it.’ Heroes of the Secret Underground will give them all that and what’s more a little piece of Susanne’s heart of peace to carry with them into their future.


Our speakers all donated a book for our lucky door prize and Maryann Hudson our newest member was the lucky human! Welcome and congratulations Maryann! The event wrapped up as the library closed and our ‘after-party-dinner’ was held at China Diner with conversation, camaraderie and professional sharing carrying on well into the evening.

2021 ES SB - Susanne Gervay_Sonia Bestul

Susanne Gervey, Liz Ledden & Sonia Bestulic

Member Highlight

Book: The Nerd Herd (Book 1)

Author: Nathan Luff

Illustrator: Chris Kennett

Publisher: Scholastic Australia


Recommended for ages 6-10

144 pages

Nerd Herd Cover.jpg

About: The Nerd Herd is the first book in an exciting new series from Scholastic Australia. The series follows the antics of Barny the Lamb, Billy the Kid and Shaama Llama Ding Dong as they try to show the other residents of their petting zoo that they are not as meek and mild as they look. The book is filled with funny, bright blue illustrations, featuring comic panels and speech bubbles.


The blurb: Barny the Lamb and his friends are sick of being picked on. So they decide to form a gang to show everyone that they are not as soft as they look. But how do three fluffy friends stand up to a cunning fox, a gigantic cat, and a bull with behavioural issues?


Books 2 and 3 will be released later this year.


About the creators: Nathan Luff is the author of middle grade novels Chicken Stu and Bad Grammar. Chris Kennett has illustrated the School of Monsters series, Pixel Raiders & Noah & Blue’s Zooniverse, amongst others.


Mobile: 0420 634 178


Instagram @alisonevernden

CBCA NSW Branch Membership number: A5888/03

Alison Evernden - Photo.jpg

Alison is a paediatric Speech Pathologist, Director of Sound Waves Speech Pathology, children’s writer and member of the CBCA NSW. Helping children connect through language and literacy, is an integral part of her work. Alison has a specialism in language, literacy and communication development and for over 20 years has been empowering individuals to tell their story. Alison’s passion for supporting children and teens to reach their communication goals, has led to the establishment of a new and exciting intervention service called, The SociABLE Group. Founded by Alison and two speech pathologist colleagues, The SociABLE Group provides evidence-based social skills training to groups of children of all ages and abilities. These unique programs teach real-life skills and address the daily challenges that many children face. Individuals develop communication skills, acquire an understanding of social etiquette and improve social connections. This is all achieved in the context of a fun and inclusive group environment.

Children’s abilities to communicate determine the course of their life story’s arc. Alison’s mission to enhance these skills underpins her own storytelling, and the wonderful children with whom she works, are her inspiration.

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