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Welcome to our Members Lounge. A place where CBCA NSW Branch members can find resources, interviews, podcasts, teachers notes, interesting facts and much, much more that only you, as a member have access to.

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August first Wed BCimage0.jpeg

Updated August 10 2023

Due to technical difficulties on the night some members missed the 

August First Wednesday Book Club

here you will be able to view the entire presentation

shadowjudgingtile 2.png

Updated April 16 2023

Be inspired!

ABC Kids

early learning services were involved in the Sun Project in 2022.

Find out about what they did

and get some great ideas you can use to  engage your learners.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 5.29.31 pm.png

Updated March 25  2022

special digital products

special resources from CBCA


Dreaming with eyes open...

a benefit to members

available only the Members Lounge

house with your classes

designed by Jasmine Seymour

2021_06_18Judges reports.jpg

Updated June 18,  2021

Available to all members on the CBCA website.

Select Membership on the top line.

click Members Log in here

Use the password for CBCA

(this is different to the NSW Branch Password and is shared with all CBCA NSW Branch members))



2020 NAIDOC - Flyer.jpg

Updated July 10 2021

Celebrate NAIDOC Week 2020




Cooee Mittigar: A Story on Darug Songlines

Jasmine Seymour and

Leanne Mulgo Watson

Sorry Day

Dub Leffler

Coral Vass

CBCA NSW Branch Early Childhood Logo - S

Uploaded November 16, 2020

CBCA Members

Early Childhood Term 4 Newsletter

This resource will assist Parents/ Grandparents of young children, Early Childhood Centres, Family Day Carers and Early stage one classes.


This edition features Chasing Rainbows by Katrina McKelvey Illustrator: Cheri Hughes, The Three Little Mermaids by Lesley Gibbes Illustrated by Lisa Stewart, Pink by Margaret Wild Illustrated by Judith Rossell, What Do You Call Your Grandpa? by Ashleigh Barton Illustrated by MarMna Heiduczek

Early Childhood Term 4 Newsletter here.

2020 PD - AU - MT - Anna Emily Wendy.png

Uploaded August 26, 2020

Free to Members | $20 Non-Members

Online PD Event

Join us for an engaging and entertaining online presentation by two of Australia’s most successful and loved children’s authors, Anna Fienberg and Emily Rodda.


Inspired by this year’s CBCA Book Week Theme; Curious Creatures Wild Minds Anna and Emily will focus on the writing tools of curiosity and creativity and how these have transformed ideas … to stories. They will both share examples from their exciting new projects...


Wendy Bannister, CBCA NSW Book of the Year Judge in the Early Childhood category, speaks of how curiosity and creativity feature in the EC 2020 Shortlisted titles.

2020 Judges Presentation Cover Pic.png

Uploaded August 1, 2020

Members Only

2020 CBCA Judges Presentation

 A powerpoint presentation from the 2020 CBCA Book of the Year Judges is available and it  gives an insight into each Shortlisted title in every category. 

Watch here.

2020 CBCA BW Colouring in snip.PNG

Uploaded June 1, 2020


Free 2020 Book Week Activities

Downloadable Colouring Poster

Using Gwyn Perkins' quirky and colourful theme artwork, we've created a free colouring poster to download. You'll notice that there are a few of Gwyn's 'Curious Creatures' missing from the poster. This is to allow children to add their own.

A4 Poster here  or  A3 Poster here


DIY Bookmarks here

Gwyn Perkins has created this fun interactive bookmark activity. Simply print the following sheets (we recommend printing on a slightly heavier stock than regular printer paper) and follow the instructions to create four quirky bookmarks.

2020 CBCA BW Badge Image.jpg

Uploaded April1, 2020


2020 Book Week Theme Ideas

Curious Creatures Wild Minds 

Unpack the CBCA Book Week theme.

Engage your students in a curious and creative way! Shine the spotlight on Reading; Have fun with a Focus on Poetry; Do you understand these Curious Sayings; Get creative and make these Display Ideas.

More information here.

2020 - CBCA Notables Media Tile.jpg

Uploaded February 28, 2020

Members & General

CBCA Notables List & Judges Critique

CBCA Notables list available to everyone here.

Members login to the Members Members only section to read the Judges Critique on the 2020 Notables Books.

2020 - Ugly Animals - Sami Bayly Teacher

Uploaded February 3, 2020

Members Only

Sami Bayly - Teachers Notes

Sami Bayly has applied her extraordinary talents as a natural history illustrator, and her carefully researched writing to this topic, in a comprehensive text which will entertain, inform and inspire students to conduct further research into these and other creatures. She encourages readers to look closely at the wonders of nature and to really appreciate that beauty can be found even in the ugliest of animals.

Log in to our Members only area for her book list.

You can meet Sami at our 2020 AAA PD Conference in March.

2019 BOYA Snip_edited.jpg

Uploaded in October 2019

Members Only

2019 CBCA Book of the Year 

Teaching and learning ideas for 2019 Book Week and CBCA Short List.


Updated May 1 2023

There are now five

 2023 Judges Panel Discussion


produced by  the National CBCA


Updated July 6 2022

Check out the video and 

Teaching resources for 

Walking in Gagadju

Shortlisted for the

Eve Pownall Award 


View videos online

Free to members

2021 AAA International PD Conference

Updated February 22  2022

video presentations and notes

special content from the



Poetry: exploring inner worlds

a benefit to members

available in the Members Lounge

2021 MT - eStore - Bunting #1 (1).png

Updated April 6,  2021

Session 2 Resources

AAA PD Conference

To support SESSION 2 of the AAA PD Conference CBCA Quality Literature: OLD WORLDS NEW WORLDS OTHER WORLDS we have developed free for AAA Delegates and CBCA NSW Branch Members resources and teaching ideas to help to assist teachers and teacher-librarians celebrate Book Week in 2021. These include resources include:

  • Interpreting the CBCA Book Week theme across the school

  • Celebrating the theme through the world of poetry

  • Poetry treasure hunt

  • Ideas on how to use the unique & intriguing CBCA Book Week theme poster with guided questions to challenge student thinking

Interested in viewing Session 2 of the Conference? Members and non-member can inquire here.

2020 SS - Pic.JPG

Updated July 15, 2021

Story Scoop!

open to all  

teachers, librarians, kids and adults who love books for kids and are curious about their creators and characters.  Authors and illustrators have given a sneak peek into their inspiration, creative choices, artwork and the story behind their stories. Invite your friends and colleagues along and enjoy the three segments including; Illustrators Corner, Picture Book Nook, Junior Fiction Gems, Middle Grade Magic and Sneak Peek. From our partners SCWBI.

2020 - 11- WA Judges Report Pic.jpg

Uploaded October 31, 2020

CBCA Members

CBCA WA Branch Judges Presentation 

CBCA WA Branch Book of the Year Award Judges Sandi Parsons and Jan Pocock recorded a Webex session hosted by committee member and past judge Felicia Harris. We invite you to view their presentation. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

Click here.

2020 - EC Shortlist.PNG

Uploaded August 26, 2020

Members Only

Additional Resources Online PD Event

As part of the Teacher Librarian PD Event Wendy Bannister, CBCA NSW Book of the Year Judge in the Early Childhood category, speaks of how curiosity and creativity feature in the EC 2020 Shortlisted titles.

Available for members are additional resources around Curiosity and Creativity in the 2020 Book of the Year Shortlisted Titles in The Early Childhood Category.

2020 - Bravo Logo.png

Uploaded June 12, 2020


Bravo! the 2020 CBCA Short List

Celebrate the CBCA 2020 Shortlist and say Bravo!!! to our wonderful Shortlisted creators. Over the coming months we will be showcasing some behind the scenes content from our creators so you can get to know them and their books even better. 

Bravo! Older Readers

Bravo! Younger Readers

Bravo! Early Childhood

Bravo! Picture Book of the Year

Bravo! Eve Pownall Award

Bravo! Award for New Illustrator

2020 AAA Illustration.jpg

Uploaded June 1, 2020

Members Only

2020 AAA Professional Picks

AAA PD Conference Delegates and CBCA Members are invited to view the Professional Picks sessions from that would have been heard at our 2020 AAA PD Conference. Hear from Margaret Hamilton, Tristan Bancks, Luke McMaster, Rachel McIntosh and Olivia O'Flynn.

Our AAA PD Conference will now be held on November 2, 2020. This section of the conference will be replaced with exciting new speaker present on the them of the day. 

Click here for more information and to Book now!


Uploaded March 31, 2020


CBCA ShortList

The CBCA Book of the Year Shortlist is announced.


Information available here for members and the general public.

The 2020 CBCA Book of the Year received a record 517 entries and CBCA National Chair Professor Margot Hillel OAM said “the Shortlist paints a vibrant picture of Australia’s wildlife, history, people and Indigenous culture.”


Uploaded February 28, 2020

Members Only

Claire Stuckey shares her book list

Did you love hearing Claire speak at our 2020 Night of the Notables however you didn't catch all the titles she mentioned. Log in to our Members only area for her book list.

Book Cover - Fire.jpg

Uploaded February 3, 2020


Stories about the Impact of Bushfires

Children often find these events difficult to understand.  The Aust Psychological Society has compiled a fact sheet for parents and caregivers. In addition, we know that reading stories and factual texts can be a way of sharing information and discussing distressing events in a way that may help a child’s understanding. This sharing can help readers see how other people, such as characters in a book, address and deal with similar issues.  Above all, we want to leave readers with a sense of hope for the future as quality stories continue to enhance and enrich a child’s life.

2019 Merch Book Week social media tile (

Uploaded in August  2019

Members Only

CBCA Book Week Theme Ideas

Engage students with the CBCA Notable and Short List titles for the Book of the Year Awards and unpack the theme for 2020.

Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 5.14.21 pm.png

Updated April 17 2023

Canadian author of the beloved

Pavarna Series

Deb Ellis is in conversation with

Wendy Rapee.

The discuss her creative process

and her new book

One More Mountain

See the video.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.21.15 pm.png

Updated May 23  2022

are you participating in 

Sun Project

Shadow Judging 


Meet the mentors

and other participants: 

a recording of the Zoom meeting

17th May

2021 ES SB - Anthology cover final.jpg

Updated October 12  2021

Teaching Notes

engage with your students,

see the may uses of 

Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds

across curriculum areas

a benefit to members

available in the Members Lounge

2021 NON - Margot Lindgren.png

Updated February 23, 2021

Margot Lindgren

Night of the Notables Book List

As part of our 2021 Night of the Notables Margot Lindgren presented Why she writes a blog: ‘Momo celebrating time to read’ and a few of her favourite books from 2020.

Members can email for the password for Marot's presentation and download her book list here.

AC2020 - Belinda Kate SFC Square.PNG

Updated November 23, 2020

CBCA Members & AC! Attendees

Early Childhood Term 4 Newsletter

Join bestselling authors Kate Forsyth and Belinda Murrell as they discuss the process of writing a book and what ‘Searching for Charlotte’ means to them in part one of this two-part author talk.

"Every now and then, a very special book comes along. These books are pure magic and find ways to get into your heart and soul in ways you could never have imagined. Searching for Charlotte by Kate Forsyth and her sister, Belinda Murrell, is one of these books.....This beautifully written book is evocative and moving...a powerful and touching story of feminism, family and the will to survive – and the impact of family history on the future – and the way the present mirrors the past sometimes..... a book to be treasured." The Book Muse, Ashleigh Meikle

Watch here

2020 CBCA BOYA Winners - MT.PNG

Uploaded October 21, 2020


CBCA Book of the Year Awards

Congratulations to all the winners and honour books in this year's CBCA Book of the Year Awards.

The 2020 Judges Report can be found here.

CBCA NSW Branch Early Childhood Logo - S

Uploaded August 8, 2020

Members Only

Early Childhood Term 3 Newsletter

The Early Childhood Pack features 4 titles (new or classic) that will inspire young readers to love books. Suggested Book Talk activities focus on Language, Art& Craft  or related Music & Drama ideas. Members have the chance to go in the draw to win these books.


This edition features Ribbit Rabbit Robot by Victoria Mackinlay, Searching for Cicadas by Lesley Gibbes, Tell'em by Katrina Germein and Rosemary Sullivan with the Children of the Manyallaluk School and Imagine by Alison Lester.

Early Childhood Term 3 Newsletter here.

2020 CBCA Bookweek Drawing creature.PNG

Uploaded June 5 2020


Free 2020 Book Week Activities

Downloadable 'Draw Your Own Curious Creature' activity.

Award-winning children's picture book creator Gwyn Perkins shares his tips for drawing wild and curious creatures.

More Book Week resources from our National Office for CBCA Members can be found here. 

CBCA NSW Branch Early Childhood Logo - S

Uploaded May 5, 2020

Members only

Early Childhood Term 2 Newsletter

This resource will assist Parents/Grandparents of young children, Early Childhood Centres, Family Day Carers and Early stage one classes.


This edition features Goodbye House, Hello House by Margaret Wild, Baby Business by Jasmine Seymour, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and We're Stuck by Sue de Gennaro.


Early Childhood Term 2 Newletter here

CBCA NSW Branch Early Childhood Logo - S

Uploaded February 28, 2020

Members only

Early Childhood Term 1 Newsletter

This resource will assist Parents/Grandparents of young children, Early Childhood Centres, Family Day Carers and Early stage one classes.  

We thank Allen & Unwin, Walker Books Australia and Penguin Random House for copies of these titles.


To be in the running to WIN the books featured in this newsletter, email our office with the subject heading EC Book Pack and tell us which Book Talk activity your children enjoyed the most.   

Early Childhood Term 1 Newletter here

Deb Abela.jpg

Uploaded February 28, 2020

Members Only

Deb Abela, using fiction for teaching...

Using fiction for teaching about climate change with Deb Abela.

Log in to our Members only area for her book list.

2020 - Award stickers.PNG

Uploaded February 6, 2020


2020 CBCA Book of the Year Entries

We are pleased to be able to share with you the full list of entries for the 2020 CBCA Book of the Year Awards. This year we received a record number of entries which is a great tribute to publishing for young people in this country.

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