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Nit Boy 

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Friday Storyteller - Tristan Bancks

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The first session of Lunchtime Storytime, Live! will conclude on July 3, 2020

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The Book Buying Bonanza will run from Friday 26th June to Sunday 12th July.  We hope you're able to support our storytellers by purchasing their books and enjoy their stories in the comfort of your homes for many years to come.

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Gleebooks in Glebe are offering 10% off all Lunchtime Storytime titles purchased in store or online.  Use discount code 'LunchtimeStorytime' (not case sensitive) at the checkout when you make your purchase.  Free delivery to City of Sydney Council and Inner West areas and for all orders over $50. 

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Maclean's Booksellers in Hamilton are offering 10% off all Lunchtime Storytime titles purchased in store for those in the Newcastle area.  Simpy quote 'Lunchtime Storytime' at the checkout.

Or visit one of our other Member Bookshops; Better Read than Dead, Newtown; Bloomin’ Books, Caringbah; Books and Beyond Learning Centre, St Ives; Collins Booksellers, Orange; Dymocks, Sydney; Paperback Rider/Megalong books, Leura; The Children’s Bookshop - online; Unishop UOW Pulse, Wollongong; Woollahra Bookshop, Woollahra.

Thanks to...

CBCA NSW Branch would like to thank Victoria Mackinlay for her vision and for running CBCA NSW Branch Lunchtime, Storytime, LIVE! Victoria has dedicated many hours behind the scenes to ensure this program has been delivered to you daily for 10 weeks. No small feat! Our thanks also to Gemma Patience for her weekly illustrations and graphics, Bronwyn Birdsall for looking after our Social Media presence and Katrina McKelvey for backing up Victoria behind the scenes on Facebook. We sincerely appreciate the time they have all given to make this program a success.

Thank you to all our Lunchtime Storytime Storytellers

 Missed a Storytime or just want to hear your favourite again?

Many of our creators have been able to give us permission to leave their storytime up for your continued viewing. Please see below.

Lunchtime, Storytime, LIVE! Victoria Mac
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Storytime Live! Kate & Jol Temple
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Lunchtime, Storytime LIVE! Matt Cosgrove
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2020 FBS - MT W7 - Antonia Pesenti.JPG
Lunchtime, Storytime, LIVE! Katrina McKe
2020 FBS - MT W3 - Amelia Mcinerney.JPG
Storytime Live! Katrina Germain
2020 FBS - MT W6 - Penny Jaye.JPG
Storytime Live! Aura Parker
2020 FBS - MT W5 - Nicole Godwin.jpg
2020 FBS - MT W8 - Daniel Gray-Barnett.J
2020 FBS - MT W4 - Kaye Baillie.JPG
Lunchtime, Storytime, LIVE! Frane Lessac
2020 FBS - MT W4 - Tania McCartney.JPG
Storytime Live! Shelly Unwin
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Enjoy Lunchtime Storytime, Anytime!

Nicola  Bolton
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Kesta Fleming
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Sonia Bestulic
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Mandy Foot
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Sandi Wooton
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Elizabeth Cummings
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Zanni Louise
2020 FBS - MT W9 - Zanni Louise.JPG
Wendy Orr
2020 FBS - MT W9 - Wendy Orr.JPG
Stef Gemmill
2020 FBS - MT W9 - Stef Gemmill.JPG
Coral Vass
2020 FBS - MT W8 - Coral Vass.JPG
Corinne Fenton
2020 FBS - MT W8 - Corinne Fenton.JPG
Dimity Powell
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Diane Harding
2020 FBS - MT W8 - Diane Harding.JPG
Lisa Nicol
2020 FBS - MT W7 - Lisa Nicol.JPG
Kristin Martin
2020 FBS - MT W7 - Kristin Martin.JPG
Charlotte Barkla
2020 FBS - MT W7 - Charlotte Barkla.JPG
Sophie Masson
2020 FBS - MT W6 - Sophie Masson.JPG
Jan Latta
2020 FBS - MT W6 - Jan Latta.JPG
Caz Goodwin
2020 FBS - MT W6 - Caz Goodwin.JPG
Davina Bell
2020 FBS - MT W5 - Davina Bell.jpg
Sarah Cummings
2020 FBS - MT W5 - Sarah Cumming.JPG
Deborah Abela
2020 FBS - MT W5 - Deb Abela.jpg
Susanne Gervay
2020 FBS - MT W5 - Susanne Gervay.JPG
Emily Rodda
2020 KBOYE - Pic - Emily Rodda cropped.j
Michelle Morgan
2020 FBS - MT W4 - Michelle Morgan.JPG
Binny Talib
2020 FBS - MT W3 - Binny Talib.JPG
Oliver Phommavanh
2020 FBS - MT W3 - Oliver Phommavanh.JPG
Nat Amoore
Storytime Live! Nat Amoore
2020 FBS - MT W7 - Nat Amoore.JPG